Protecting your invention

Why should I protect my invention?

You are excited about your invention, and you cannot wait to share it with the world. But to successfully market your research we advise you to look into the possibilities for protecting your invention. Protecting your invention is never the main goal, but experience has taught us that it is very important when accessing the market. Protecting your invention strengthens your business position in terms of negotiating with other companies, it helps you in acquiring financing en most importantly, it prevents other parties from running off with your invention without your permission.

This is how can support you

To protect your invention, we work together with the IP- team from the RUG and the UMCG and a few renowned patent agencies. They check if your invention is unique, if there is a ‘long felt need’ and they estimate its commercial success. When your invention ticks all the boxes, our partners will help you write your patent application, they support you through the follow-up process and they show you how to maintain the patent.

Our partners

Your research results to the market?

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