The third round of the Faculty of Impact has been opened. The Faculty of Impact gives researchers the opportunity to participate in a two-year fellowship in which they can bring their research results to market and society. The deadline for registering is 1 October.

The Faculty of Impact is an initiative of the Universities of the Netherlands (UNL), the Dutch Research Council (NWO), and Teachleap, and it was founded in 2021 to further exploit the valorization potential of Dutch universities.

A customized programme focused on taking research to the market.

Participants in the Faculty of Impact will be exempted for a period of two years from their regular teaching and research activities so they can completely focus on taking their research to the market. This gives them the opportunity to further develop or scale up their ideas. The programme includes various training courses and participants will be assigned an experienced mentor. Of course, there will also be sufficient opportunity to exchange experiences with fellow candidates and, as a result, learn from each other.

Accessible for several different levels and disciplines

The call is meant for PhD students who have almost completed their PhD research, but also for postdocs, assistant/associate professors, and other academic staff members.

While the first edition was dedicated to the energy transition and the second edition to life sciences & health, the third edition has a broader character. In this edition, several themes are central, which include: agriculture, water & food, circular economy, the energy transition, health & care, and safety —in both the physical and the digital domain.

More information

The application procedure for this edition closes on 1 October. The new group will start in early 2025. Researchers who want to participate need permission from the UG or UMCG. It is therefore important to begin your application procedure in a timely manner. For more information, researchers can contact

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