Starting a spin-off/start-up

How do write a strategic business plan?

A successful start-up starts with a strategic business plan in which you focus on you and your idea for a start-up, your target audience, the market demand, the team arrangement, the activities for marketing and the financing of your activities. Writing a business plan is perhaps not the most exciting part of marketing your research and it is time consuming. However, it also forces you to be pro-active when it comes to thinking about your company’s future. Besides, a business plan often is a requisite in terms of financing. Be smart and invest some of your time in drawing up a Business Model Canvas. This seemingly simple A4 piece of paper helps you to be objective about your start-up and to make well-founded decisions. Now ánd in the future.

This is how we can support you

You write your own business plan. Because you are the one who knows all the ins and outs of your invention and you are the one who is leading the process of marketing your research. But we are more than happy to offer you our full support when it comes to drafting your business plan. You can count on the coaches of VentureLab for instance. Due to their years of experience, they know exactly what a strategic business plan should look like, and they can support you throughout the writing process. Besides them, there is the KVK, they also offer you tooling and events to help you out. Or take a look at the tooling and events our partner Rabobank has to offer to help you make a powerful start.

Last but not least, there is the GroBusiness team, they are ready to bounce of ideas with you and to answer all your business-related questions. They provide an excellent sounding board throughout the writing process of your business plan. And please do join Founded in Groningen.

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