Starting a spin-off/start-up

How do I build a dream team?

Not every researcher dreams of being an entrepreneur working on his/her start-up on a daily basis and that is fine. The arrangement of a balanced team with different people, each with their own qualities and knowledge, has turned out to be crucial for successful start-ups. Putting your team together is part of your business plan and this will be scrutinised by your future investors. So, it is something to give a lot of thought.

This is how we can support you

After the one-year VentureLab Business Development Program, you will be ready for business. During this year there will also be a lot of emphasis on how to build a strong team. The people of KVK will tell you all about the importance of your team arrangement and how to attract and keep new talent. The GroBusiness team is there to answer all your business-related questions. You can also consult them on how to build a strong team and how to attract and keep talented people for your team.

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