Collaborating with other companies

How does licensing work?

Once your intellectual property has been protected, it is time to share your invention with the world. By concluding a licensing agreement, people will have the right to use/exploit your invention for a certain period. The licensee pays a certain fee, which you can use for instance for doing more research or for improving your product.

This is how we can support you

Our Business Developers will help you draft a licensing opportunity which will describe the most important aspects of the patent, its unique selling points and the market potential of your invention. In approaching possible licensees, we ill naturally use our own network, but we often see that the researcher’s network proves to be important as around 70 percent of the inventions are being placed within that network. When we have found a suitable licensee, our Business Developers will help you draft a licencing agreement which will protect the interest of both parties. We will do everything to ensure a productive collaboration.

Your research results to the market?

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