24 September

Life Science Conference

Data Science for Life Science

On September 24, 2024 the LIFE Cooperative is organizing the third edition of the Life Sciences Conference in the Forum Groningen. You are cordially invited to the conference, with this year’s theme: Data Science for Life Science.

The Life Sciences & Health sector is booming in the Northern Netherlands, with impact worldwide. During the Conference, we would like to showcase this impact, with two keynote sessions, celebrating the success of companies within 10 years LIFE Cooperative and of course the ceremony of the Innovation Award! Check out the first outlines of the program in the menu. For questions please contact kelly@lifecooperative.nl.

This event is Powered by Health~Holland, Top Sector Life Sciences & Health, Municipality of Groningen, Bedrijvenvereniging WEST and NV NOM.

Data Science and Life Science

september 24 2024

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