3 July


HTRIC on Tour is a special series in which HTRIC transforms into a place to be inspired, meet, and connect. Each tour event has a different theme: innovation, education, research etc. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with interesting topics and a different perspective on the health technology ecosystem in the Northern Netherlands.

Research is critical to improving patient outcomes and the quality of healthcare. It helps us to understand what works, what doesn’t work, and why. In other words: research is essential when working towards more healthy years of life. On the 3rd of July, HTRIC will host its third On-Tour event all about research.

During this Wednesday afternoon, we will bring together partners from the field of health technology to explore and apply for different available grants related to this ecosystem. It is possible to follow a break-out based on your preference for a grant. HTRIC will start the afternoon by introducing the PhD projects in short pitches. After that, the break-outs will start. You can choose which one you would like to follow.

In this session you get the opportunity to build a team for a grant together, ask questions about the grant, get help from experts and set the first few steps towards your application.

Next to the grant break-outs, there will also be a possibility to follow a serious game about Medical Device Regulation. This is a break-out that suits you when you don’t aim to apply for a grant but still want to get to know people in this field and learn about MDR.

Read all about the break-outs below, we are looking forward to meeting you there!

Break-out 1: Lifelines in your Research
This interactive session offers you the opportunity to become acquainted with Lifelines, a large, multigenerational, prospective cohort study involving more than 167,000 participants (10%) from the limited population of the Netherlands. Due to its length, scope, and depth of research, Lifelines offers many excellent opportunities for researchers to unravel the etiology of multifactorial diseases, emphasizing multifactorial risk factors. Both the scientific community and companies are invited to this session.

Break-out 2: ERC Proof of Concept and Consolidator Grant and NWO Veni- Vidi
This session offers you the opportunity to get acquainted with and receive tips and tricks for preparing and submitting your grant. It is intended for university lecturers, professors, lecturers and postdocs up to 12 years of experience since the completion of their PhDs with a promising scientific track record.

Break-out 3: HTRIC PhD Call – Meet and greet/Brainstorm session
This session offers an opportunity to get to know other researchers who are willing to apply to our annual HTRIC PhD call. As this call will open in October, this break-out room is the perfect opportunity to meet your future colleagues to apply to our call. Furthermore, once you have met them, there will be a brainstorming session to boost your potential project to be submitted once the call is open. Both the scientific community and companies are invited to this session.

Break-out 4: Serious Game – Medical Device Regulation 

This session offers an interactive opportunity to learn about medical device regulation. You will also discover legal aspects and tools to consider if you are planning to put a medical device on the market. This session is intended for HTRIC PhD’s, Postdocs, and companies.

Break-out 2: ERC Proof of Concept and Consolidator Grant and NWO Veni- Vidi

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