25 maart

HTRIC Innovation Booster – The road from research to market

The road from research to market

An increasing number of researchers creates economical and societal impact by bringing the fruits of their research to the market.

However, before entering the market there is a lot of work to do. Researchers need to think about protecting their finding, getting to know investors, building a team and collaboration with partners in the innovation ecosystem.

Business Generator Groningen supports researchers of the University of Groningen and the UMCG in bringing their research to the market.

In the HTRIC Innovation Booster of the 25th of March, challenges and opportunities in bringing research to the market successfully, will be discussed. The Innovation Booster features three speakers, a Q&A session and a lunch.

Speakers/ Q&A panel:

  • Herman Groen, Business Developer Life Science MedTech at Business Generator Groningen on the different steps of bringing your research to the market and how Business Generator Groningen supports researchers in that process
  • Joost Breukink, Patent Attorney at the University of Groningen on the importance and principles of patent protection
  • Nutte van Belzen, Co-founder of CC Diagnostics about his flourishing company and his experiences in bringing an existing patent application of the University of Groningen, on the early detection of cervical cancer, towards the market
  • Maarten van Roosmalen, Technology Transfer Officer at Business Generator Groningen: Q&A


25 maart 2022

Jouw onderzoek naar de markt?

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