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Accelerating the commercialization of biotechnology findings

Biotech Booster is a new program, financed by the Dutch National Growth Fund. The aim is to accelerate and improve the commercialization of biotechnology findings, both from academia and from industry. The ultimate goal is to make sure that the benefits of biotechnology will have more and faster impact on society. 

The Biotech Booster program offers mentorship, financial support and networking opportunities to guide investors from the idea stage to developing an investable/ commercial proposition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Biotech Booster is a new national program to support the commercialization of biotechnology findings in the Netherlands. Funded by the National Growth Fund (het Nationaal Groeifonds), the Biotech Booster program offers financial support, mentorship and networking opportunities, to guide founders from the idea stage to the development of an investable/commercial proposition. Biotech Booster is an excellent opportunity for scientists and entrepreneurs in the biotech sector to valorize their ideas and grow a successful business.

Biotech Booster is specifically aimed at early-stage biotechnology projects with high potential that require additional (business) expertise and funding. High technological and commercial risks are part of biotech start-ups and will not be a reason for rejection.

Biotech Booster is divided into five clusters covering the entire biotechnology sector. These are the white, green and red biotechnology.

Thematic clusters Biotech Booster:

  • White Biotechnology (TC-1) Industrial biotechnology and Production
  • Green Biotechnology (TC-2) Agrofood biotechnology 
  • Red Biotechnology (TC-3): Biopharmaceuticals & ATMPs, (TC-4): Diagnostics/ Services (TC-5): Vaccines, Small Molecules, Discovery & Development Platforms


National teams of business developers are active within these clusters. UG and UMCG are partners in all thematic clusters and will appoint business developers for TC-1, TC-2 and TC-3. Projects can be submitted for all thematic clusters.

The Biotech Booster supports projects at three levels:

In Level 1, five Thematic Clusters (TC’s), together encompassing the whole biotech spectrum, facilitate collaboration, connect people and provide financial support to early ideas to reach proof of principle.

In Level 2, seasoned biotech entrepreneurs will select the best ideas for the Biotech Innovation Program (BIP), where projects are developed and supported to grow into robust and investable proposals with a balanced team. This team, having a majority of entrepreneurs, will function as a virtual board of the project. Together with the founder(s) the project will be accelerated into a proof of concept.

In Level 3, successful projects from the earlier phase can generate revenues through a scale-out deal. BIP and a panel of entrepreneurs will negotiate follow-on investments and pave the way to impact. The result can be the founding of a start-up, a license deal or an asset sale.

At level 1, the financial contribution is maximum 200k for a period of two years. In general, all costs required to get a proof of principle and a viable business case are eligible costs. This will be reviewed and decided on a per project basis. At level 2, the financial contribution is higher with 650k for out of pocket costs and 300k for personnel costs.

Biotech Booster is currently preparing for take off. The expected start date for Biotech Booster is January 2024. From that moment on, projects can be submitted and assessed.

Please contact Jasper Dijkstra of Business Generator Groningen via or 06-1530 2343. Together with the researchers involved, he can make a quickscan to determine whether a proposal would possibly fit within Biotech Booster. 

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