Workshop: An Introduction to Valorization

The journey from Innovation to Impact

Valorization is a core task of a university and crucial in solving societal issues in the field of energy, circularity and health.

But why should you choose this career path? What does it entail? Why is it so important to protect your finding? And what steps should you take?

In ‘An Introduction to Valorization’ we will address these and more questions and you will learn how to turn your ideas into real-word solutions.

Examples from your field of expertise

In a hands-on workshop we will highlight examples from your field of expertise and explain how Business Generator Groningen and the IP team of the UG can help you maximize the impact of your work.

For researchers of the UG and UMCG

The workshop is aimed at research groups of the UG and the UMCG and designed for researchers who want to learn more about how to further develop their research into an innovative product by partnering with the industry or by launching their own start-up.

More information

Get in touch with to discuss the possibilities for your group.

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