UG spin-off PureIMS wins Life Science Innovation Award 2023

PureIMS has won the Life Science Innovation Award 2023. The award was presented by Gerard Lenstra (Foreign Investment Manager Life Sciences & Health at NOM) during the Life Sciences Conference in Forum Groningen. The UG/UMCG spin-offs Griphingo Pharmaceuticals, Protyon and XVIVO, were among the nominees.

The Life Science Conference is an initiative of Life Cooperative, NOM, the Municipality of Groningen, and Health Holland; top sector Life Sciences & Health. With the award, the organizers wish to reward Life Sciences & Health innovations with great impact.

Last year, the award went to Detact Diagnostics. Detact Diagnostics is the developer of the VIPER technology, which allows quick and effective detection of bacteria and viral infections.


The finalists were asked to pitch their start-up to a jury consisting of Gerard Lenstra, Foreign Investment Manager Life Sciences & Health at NOM, Monique Koolman, Advisor Economic Affairs Municipality of Groningen, Nettie Buitelaar, Director Biotech Booster, Carlo Ezinga, Director Rabobank Groningen and Hans Schikan, Top Team Member LSH Health Holland.

Pure Inhalation Medication Systems (PureIMS) is a pharmaceutical company based in Roden. PureIMS focuses on developing, producing, and marketing drugs that are absorbed by the body via the lungs, using a patented inhalation technique. PureIMS owns exclusive worldwide license rights to Cyclops™, a dry-powder patient inhaler for fast and controlled administration of drugs, which is easy to use, comfortable, pre-filled, and disposable.  The Cyclops™ ensures a high dose delivery and rapid effects. Early this year, PureIMS received funding to develop their product further.

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