NWO Take-off grant for innovative knee prosthesis Raffaella Carloni

Raffaella Carloni, Associate Professor of Robotics in the Faculty of Science and Engineering, has received a Take-off phase 1 grant from the Dutch Research Council (NWO). The grant will enable Carloni to conduct a feasibility study for her research on an innovative bionic knee prosthesis for people with lower-limb amputation.

The premise of Carloni’s knee prosthesis is that users can regain their movement capabilities. Many people with a lower-limb amputation have challenges related to mobility, adaptability to different terrains, and living an active life. This greatly affects their independence and quality of life. Prof. Carloni has developed a knee prosthesis that mimics the fundamental functionalities of a healthy human knee. This feasibility study will further investigate the technical possibilities of the knee prosthesis and explore the commercial opportunity of this invention.

Start of the next round of Take-off grants

The grant is part of NWO’s autumn Take-off round. The next Take-off round will start in early January. It will be possible to apply for funding for both feasibility studies and early-stage projects.

For more information on the innovative knee prosthesis, please contact Prof. Raffaella Carloni at

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