Prestigious European Product Safety Award for child-friendly button-cell battery

After winning the public award KIJK Publieksprijs, the patented child-friendly button-cell battery has now also been awarded the European Product Safety Award. The award is an initiative of the European Commission and distinguishes the best innovations in the area of product safety, with a special focus on innovations that go beyond the scope of existing laws and regulations.

The child-friendly button-cell battery was the brainchild of UMCG cardiothoracic surgeon Tjark Ebels, ENT specialist Freek Dikkers (previously UMCG), Professor Marnix Wagemaker, and research technician Franc Ooms from Delft University of Technology.

Patented button-cell battery prevents serious injuries in young children

Together, they developed a fused button-cell battery, in which the power is immediately interrupted when a child swallows it. This invention is desperately needed, because every year a significant group of children ends up admitted to hospital after swallowing a button-cell battery. Sadly, sometimes these accidents even result in death.

Groundbreaking innovation

For the first time, researchers were also permitted to compete in the contest for the European Product Safety Award. And with great result for this research team. Last Monday, they received the award in Brussels. The jury called the innovation ‘groundbreaking’ and expressed the wish that this child-friendly button-cell battery would be available for purchase as soon as possible, to avoid any further suffering by children and their parents.

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