KIJK Magazine’s People’s Choice Award goes to patented child-friendly button cell battery

The patented child-friendly button cell has won KIJK’s People’s Choice Award for the Best Tech Idea of 2023. For the entire month of September, the public could vote for different promising innovations that make life just a little better, more beautiful, or more sustainable. The child-friendly button cell was ultimately crowned the winner.

The child-friendly button cell is an initiative of cardiothoracic surgeon Tjark Ebels of the UMCG, ENT physician Frederik G. Dikkers (former UMCG), Professor Marnix Wagemaker, and Research Technician Frans Ooms of the TU Delft.

The familiar 2 cm button cell: a serious danger to children

Together, they developed a fused button cell that is meant to prevent severe suffering in small children. The familiar 2 cm button cell can be found in the LED candles that many of us will put on our tables for Christmas, in your car keys, and in many alluring kids’ toys. Once they are left lying around the house, the shiny button cells are a magnet for small children, who may put them in their mouths or, in the worst case, even swallow them.

Serious injuries that sometimes result in death

Every parent understands that this can be a potential danger, but they do not always know that the risk can be this big. Every year, a large group of children worldwide ends up hospitalized after swallowing a button cell, and some of them even die as a result.

Tips for parents

A tip for parents: do not let button cells, empty or not, lie around the house and take them to a recycling bin right away. Did your child accidentally swallow a button cell? Feed them a spoon of honey and immediately consult a doctor!

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