Faculty of Impact launches second round for Life Sciences & Health researchers

The second round of the Faculty of Impact has been launched. In this round, Life Sciences and Health researchers are given the opportunity to follow a two-year fellowship and turn their research into a business. Applications are open until 24 October.

The Faculty of Impact is an initiative of the Universities of the Netherlands, the Dutch Research Counsil (NWO), and It was founded in 2021 to advance the valorization of knowledge.

A tailor-made two-year fellowship that focuses on bringing research to the market

The Faculty of Impact offers researchers a two-year fellowship in which they are exempted from their regular education and research activities and can fully focus on bringing their research to the market. The entrepreneurship programme consists of various training courses and participants will be assigned a mentor. In addition, there is opportunity to connect with other Faculty of Impact fellows to be inspired and learn from each other.

More information and applications

Applications are open until 31 October. The new group will start at the beginning of 2024. Researchers need approval of their knowledge institution if they want to join the programme. Researchers who want to participate in the Faculty of Impact can therefore contact

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